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Find Adams County Idaho daycares, child care and children's day and preschools. Daycare facilities provide information on affordable, licensed infant and child care assistance, costs and prices, including 24 hour and weekend day care centers for montessori, private and public facilities.

Tater Tots Childcare & Preschool 201 Moser Avenue Council ID 83612 208-253-4372

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What is a Daycare?

Daycare facilities provide affordable, licensed infant and child care assistance, sometimes including 24-hour and weekend daycare in Montessori, private, and public facilities. Daycare service providers may also supply food for children in their care. They also offer play areas that are age-appropriate as well as activities that help build early literacy skills. Some centers provide transportation for children who need before- and after-school care.

They must follow regulations established by state and local governments. Daycare facilities are inspected by government agencies on a regular basis to ensure they provide quality care. Most facilities are for-profit businesses, but large corporations and others operate some by nonprofit organizations. Most parents who enroll their children must make weekly or monthly payments for these services. Some companies offer on-site child care services for their employees as a fringe benefit.