Human Resources

Find departments of human resources. HR departments provide information on management of human resources, payroll, personnel, staffing, careers, employment, jobs and hiring.

What are Human Resources?

Departments of human resources, sometimes called personnel departments, are government-run agencies that manage employment opportunities and training programs for public or private employers by attracting, hiring, developing and retaining a skilled, productive workforce. They provide information about job openings, recruitment and hiring processes, and interview prospective candidates for employment.

Human resources departments are often also responsible for payroll and career development services, determining salaries and benefits, as well as providing employee education and training programs. Most counties have their own HR departments, and some rural counties have combined their HR departments with those of adjoining counties. Some states have combined their human resources departments together with other state administrative agencies.

Human Resources is responsible for

  1. Hiring, firing, and staffing. The most essential function of an HR department is connecting various agencies and organizations with a skilled workforce. Technological resources are useless without the human resources needed to operate them.
  2. Payroll. Wages, salaries, bonuses and benefits are usually determined and disbursed by HR departments. This department helps keep track of hours, ensures reasonable payments, and applies state and federal tax rules or insurance deductions before the net paycheck is disbursed.
  3. Financial concerns. HR departments field questions and resolve issues related to fair pay. Human resources representatives handle collective bargaining negotiations with unions and determine wages, pensions, and bonuses with employee input.
  4. Workplace safety concerns. Certain personnel issues might make a workplace an unsafe environment. HR departments deal with issues of discrimination and harassment, as well as oversee and enforce equal opportunity employment guidelines.
  5. Organizational management. A big part of effective human resources control means delegating leadership roles. HR departments plan for specific positions within an agency or project team and work to maximize efficient use of time and personnel.

Are there different types of Human Resources departments?

Yes, there are municipal, state, and federal human resources departments for all government agencies.