Employee Directory

Search free public employee directory, including state, county, and city employee directory, employee names, and employee emails.

What is an Employee Directory?

Public employee directories are records of contact details for government staff. Each member of an agency or department must submit contact information, such as name and email address, to the relevant personnel directory. Some workers make available additional details such as their social media accounts. Employee directories are useful to people who want to contact government employees. Directories also make it easier for other government workers to contact each other. Almost every agency has a directory. This includes all federal, state, county and city departments.

Employee Directories help to

  1. Provide essential contact details for government workers, such as employee names, phone numbers, and emails.
  2. Give members of the public a way to reach members of the government who can provide solutions for them.
  3. Save time. Employee emails and telephone numbers included in a personnel directory are a time-saver, so a personal visit isn't necessary.
  4. Make it easy for human resources managers to supervise employees and be aware of job changes, training, relocation, and restructuring.
  5. Provide networking opportunities.

Are there different types of Employee Directories?

The principal type of public employee directories depends on the agency structure and its geographic scope. Cities and towns have individual staff directories, including contact information about officials from municipal departments. Counties maintain separate county staff directories, while each state maintains a larger, more complete employee directory. On a national level, the A-Z Index of United States Government Departments and Agencies contains a comprehensive listing of federal employees down to the local level.