District of Columbia Private School

Find District of Columbia private schools, independent, parochial, religious and non-religious affiliated charter schools, boarding schools, christian schools, preparatory prep schools, and accredited private k-12, middle schools, and high schools. Private schools provide information on tuition, school rankings, school enrollment, education, curriculum, classes, records, and teacher student ratios.

Private Schools by County

What does a Private School do?

Private schools are independently-financed learning institutions that provide more personalized classes than public schools do. Unlike public schools which receive taxpayer money, private schools receive their funding from tuition paid by families of students, grants from corporations and foundations, and other non-public sources. Because they don't receive public money, private schools have more freedom in choosing their curriculum and educational standards. Some private schools are religious schools, while others aren't.

Commonly asked questions about Private Schools

How can I find an accredited Private School in my area?

Only a few U.S. states provide accreditation to private K-12 schools. Most private schools are accredited by non-public organizations. The best way to find out if a private school is accredited is to contact your local school board or ask the principal of the private school.

How much does Private School tuition cost?

Tuition fees for private schools vary greatly, depending on the geographic area and the school's curriculum.

What is the teacher-student ratio at Private Schools?

In general, the teacher-student ratios at private schools as lower than they are at public schools. Private schools usually have an average of one teacher for each 10 to 20 students, while public schools often have one teacher for every 20 to 30 students. With that said, the overall quality of education is the most important factor by which parents should choose a private school for their child.