Find commissioners and board of commissioners. Commissioners provide information on property taxes, real estate land records and lookups and manage local government administration.

What is a Commissioner?

A commissioner is often the highest-ranking person in a particular government organization. Commissioners operate at the municipal, county or city level. They handle responsibilities relating to property taxes, real estate land transactions, and local government administration.

In some cases, groups of commissioners work together as a board of commissioners. This occurs when a specific region, such as a highly populated county, has many commissioners representing different areas.

Another role is that of police commissioner. He or she is the highest-ranking individual within a particular police force.

Courts may also have commissioners that manage certain legal proceedings. These commissioners have significant experience in the legal field, including prior work as a judge, lawyer or similar role, but they aren't operating in such a capacity at the time of their appointment.

Commissioners are responsible for

  1. Oversight. Because most commissioners are the highest-ranking people within organizations or offices, they're responsible for significant operational oversight. This oversight can include reviewing matters of interest and ensuring the deployment of all office-related objectives.
  2. Administration. Depending on their offices, commissioners are often responsible for the execution of certain actions. Based on their levels within organizations, they may be the highest-ranking individuals responsible for authorizing specific actions.
  3. Presentation. As a leader in a government organization or police entity, a commissioner may be required under certain circumstances to present information to the public. This may include large-scale announcements and status updates, as well as answering general inquiries or granting media interviews.
  4. Coordinating with others. Many commissioners belong to large government boards or similar entities. In these cases, they must coordinate their efforts.
  5. Representing the community. County or city commissioners are representatives of their constituents. They must serve the needs of the community when making decisions, as well as when working with higher levels of government.

Are there different types of Commissioners?

Yes, the types of commissioner vary depending on the organizations they represent. Court, police and county commissioners don't have the same duties, nor are they associated with the same type of operations. Each commissioner is, however, usually the highest position of authority within his or her respective organization.