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Find 24595 child abuse prevention centers. Child abuse prevention centers are social service offices which provide child protective services to families.

Lynchburg Prevention Center - Child Abuse & Neglect 3300 Rivermont Avenue Lynchburg VA 24503 10.2 miles from 24595 434-947-7426

Lynchburg Child Abuse & Neglect 99 9th Street Lynchburg VA 24504 10.4 miles from 24595 434-455-5726

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Who can report suspected child abuse or neglect?

Anyone can report suspected child abuse or neglect. Some states require individuals to report cases of suspected abuse or neglect. Many states have laws identifying certain professions or groups which are required to report suspected child maltreatment to an appropriate agency, such as child protective services, a law enforcement agency, or a state's toll-free child abuse reporting hotline.

Does someone reporting suspected child abuse or neglect need to have proof?

No. Reporters are not required to provide proof of abuse or neglect. Reporters only need to provide the facts and circumstances that lead them to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected.

Are there common signs of child abuse or neglect?

The signs of abuse or neglect vary significantly from one child to the next. Some children may tell someone that they have experienced abuse or neglect. Examples of potential signs of abuse or neglect include sudden changes in behavior, learning problems that cannot be attributed to physical or psychological causes, withdrawn behavior, and unaddressed physical or medical problems.