13416 Cemetery

Find a cemetery, memorial park, mausoleum, graveyard, gravesite, grave or mortuary in 13416. A cemetery provides information on funerals and burial services including internment, headstones and grave markers, burial grounds, cemetery plots, vaults, crypts, as well as burial records for national, state, county, local and, religious, Jewish and Catholic cemeteries.

Cold Brook Hurricane Cemetery 221 Hurricane Road Cold Brook NY 13324 4.3 miles from 13416 315-826-7629

Little Falls St Bridgets Cemetery 2168 New York 29 Little Falls NY 13365 8.2 miles from 13416 315-429-8338

Little Falls Saint Marys Cemetery Sherman Street Little Falls NY 13365 10.9 miles from 13416 315-823-3410

Herkimer St Marys Cemetery 5661 Highway 5 Herkimer NY 13350 11.2 miles from 13416 315-823-3410

Frankfort Mt Olivet Cemetery Adams Street Frankfort NY 13340 11.3 miles from 13416 315-894-2360

Herkimer Calvary Cemetery West German Street Herkimer NY 13350 11.4 miles from 13416 315-866-4282

Herkimer Oak Hill Cemetery West German Street Herkimer NY 13350 11.4 miles from 13416 315-866-3398

Frankfort St Agnes Cemetery 4355 Highway 5 Frankfort NY 13340 11.6 miles from 13416 315-894-3766

New York Historic Cemetery 182 River Road Little Falls NY 13365 12.9 miles from 13416 315-663-8962

Snells Bush Church And Cemetery Snells Bush Road Little Falls NY 13365 14.4 miles from 13416

Utica Saint Marys Cemetery 421 South Street Utica NY 13501 14.4 miles from 13416 315-724-0083

Utica St Agnes Cemetery 605 Arthur Street Utica NY 13501 14.8 miles from 13416 315-732-8588

New Forest Cemetery 2001 Oneida Street Utica NY 13501 16.1 miles from 13416 315-724-7447

Utica Holy Trinity Cemetery 1500 Champlin Avenue Utica NY 13502 16.2 miles from 13416 315-724-0616

Utica St Joseph Cemetery 1427 Champlin Avenue Utica NY 13502 16.3 miles from 13416 315-733-1196

Utica Forest Hill Cemetery 2201 Oneida Street Utica NY 13501 16.3 miles from 13416 315-735-2701

Utica Calvary Cemetery 2407 Oneida Street Utica NY 13501 16.7 miles from 13416 315-735-2727

Utica Catholic Cemeteries 2407 Oneida Street Utica NY 13501 16.7 miles from 13416 315-735-2727

Mohawk Henderson Cemetery 892 Rock Hill Road Mohawk NY 13407 16.9 miles from 13416 315-866-3353

Whitesboro Mt Olivet Cemetery 70 Wood Road Whitesboro NY 13492 17.5 miles from 13416 315-736-4446

How much does a burial plot at a Cemetery cost?

On average, a single space burial plot will cost between $1,000 and $3,000. However, the total cost of a funeral may exceed $10,000 because of the cost of a casket, funeral home charges, a headstone or grave-marker, and other expenses.

What can be done if a Cemetery is not adequately maintaining its grounds?

If contacting the owner or operator does not resolve the issue, complaints can be directed to a state Cemeteries commission or consumer affairs office.

Are there restrictions on what items a family may leave at a burial site?

Most Cemeteries restrict what can be left at a gravesite and how long items may be left there. These restrictions are meant to preserve the aesthetics of the Cemetery and to minimize obstructions to maintenance activities. Cemeteries generally reserve the right to remove flowers and other items from a gravesite after a specified period of time.