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Find the Riverside County California TSA offices, or the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA provides information about airports and airport security, TSA pre-check locations, TSA complaints, jobs, and how to apply for TSA pre-approval.

Palm Springs California TSA 3400 East Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs CA 92262 760-318-1005

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Who can qualify for TSA Pre-Check?

US citizens are eligible to apply for TSA Pre-Check. Foreign citizens who are US nationals or lawful permanent residents may also be eligible to participate in TSA Pre-Check if they meet certain citizenship and residency requirements. Every applicant must undergo a background check and pay the fee.

What if the TSA damages or loses a bag during the screening process?

If your bag is lost or damaged during the TSA checked-baggage screening, you can file a claim online with the TSA. However, if the bag was harmed at baggage claim or during transport to the plane, you should contact the airline. For items left behind at a security checkpoint, contact lost and found.

Are prohibited items returned to the owner?

In most cases, prohibited items seized at the airport during a passenger screening will not be returned to the owner. Federal law restricts the return of prohibited items. Some airports provide access to mail delivery services to ship items that are prohibited on an airplane.