California Pharmacy

Find California pharmacy and drug stores. Pharmacies provide consumers with prescription drugs and medicine, name brand, generic and discount drugs, over the counter (OTC) medications and may include express and 24 hour locations, discount, online pharmacies and prescription fulfilment.

What does a Pharmacy do?

A pharmacy helps keep communities healthy by providing citizens access to the drugs, medicines and pharmaceutical products prescribed by their doctors. A pharmacist not only fills prescriptions, he or she also works to ensure that drugs aren't being over-prescribed, as well as working to help avoid incorrect prescriptions and drug interaction side effects.

Commonly asked questions about Pharmacies

Do Pharmacies give discounts?

Some pharmacies offer discounts, especially online pharmacies and budget-price retail chain pharmacies.

Why do some Pharmacies stay open 24 hours while others don't?

Large retail chains operate some pharmacies, which have the staffing and resources to remain open day and night. Other, smaller pharmacies are family-operated and choose to close nights and weekends.

Is a pharmacist the same as a doctor?

Although they may have similar knowledge, they are not the same and have received different types of training. Pharmacists can tell you how a drug will function in your body and explain the side effects. They can make sure that a drug is right for you and give specific instructions as to how and when to take your prescription.