California Food Stamp Office

Find California Food Stamp Offices and SNAP benefits. Food stamp offices provide information on foodstamps and SNAP program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) elibility (application, guidelines and income requirements), EBT/SNAP balance lookups, card numbers and mybenefits.

What is a Food Stamp Office?

A food stamp office administers Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) benefits to eligible individuals and families. An applicant must prove a need for the benefit based on a review of income and other factors. If the applicant is found eligible, the food stamp office provides SNAP benefits through an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card which disburses a fixed monthly amount for the purchase of groceries.

Food stamp offices, now officially known as SNAP offices, also review each case at the close of every benefit period, which usually lasts 3 to 6 months. If you wish to continue receiving benefits, you must submit updated income and employment information to the food stamp office to request an extension of benefits. The benefits you receive on your EBT card depend on your employment and income status. The food stamp office is also responsible for explaining all federal and state SNAP rules to applicants and monitoring EBT card usage to reduce fraud and abuse.

Commonly asked questions about Food Stamp Offices

Do I need to appear at a food stamp office in person to apply for benefits?

Most states now have online applications that don't require a personal visit to a food stamp office. Still, depending on the state, you may need to appear for an in-person interview once the office processes your initial application. If you're unable to appear in person for the interview, a caseworker may contact you to conduct a phone interview.

Can I receive other benefits besides SNAP at a Food Stamp Office?

Most food stamp offices are located within buildings that also house general relief and family welfare services. This expedites the processing of all safety-net programs for those who are eligible. However, be sure to check whether the food stamp office in your area is located at a specific government office because sometimes the branches of each office are housed in separate buildings.

Can I allow someone else to use my EBT card to purchase food?

An EBT card is intended solely for purchases by the qualified holder of the card, barring a special arrangement with the food stamp office to allow another person to purchase groceries for you, especially if you're disabled. Otherwise, it's illegal to lend your card to someone else or sell your benefits for money.