California EPA

Find California EPA offices, labs, facilities and departmental locations of the US Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Offices provide information and educational resources on environmental policy and issues, science and regulation including asbestos and pollutant removal/disposal, air and water pollution, climate change, emissions testing.

What does the EPA do?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a federal agency tasked with protecting human health and the environment. Most states also have similar organizations of their own. The EPA conducts scientific research and gathers environmental data about climate change and other issues that affect communities. It also helps form government policies to protect the environment and provides education to the public.

At the federal level, the EPA operates ten regional offices. And, the EPA operates several research laboratories with numerous programs and initiatives, ranging from efficient energy use to pollution reduction. This agency helps promote legislation and policies intended to protect natural resources such as clean air, water, and soil. The agency also has programs designed to protect wildlife and endangered species. Nuclear and radioactive waste is of particular concern to the EPA, as both an environmental hazard and a national security threat. The EPA works closely with other federal offices like the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, and the FDA to reduce such risks.

Commonly asked questions about the EPA

I have an environmental concern. Should I go to the EPA?

It depends. If you have a workplace concern, you should contact the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) instead. The Fish and Wild Service (FWS) handles concerns regarding human encroachment and development on ecosystems. However, if you have a question about chemical spills, asbestos, water/air toxins, or pesticides, please contact the EPA.

How is the EPA organized?

In addition to the ten regional centers of operation, there are several other subsidiary offices within the EPA. These offices ensure the agency can serve local communities as well as address national concerns.

What is the quality of their scientific findings?

The qualify of research done by the EPA is excellent. The agency upholds rigorous standards for scientific research. The agency also supports academic research in leading universities nationwide.