California Department of Transportation

Find California department of transportation, highway, roads, and bridge departments. Transportation departments provide information on public transport, including road, highway and bridge traffic, conditions, closures, tolls and travel information.

What does a Department of Transportation do?

A department of transportation (DOT) works to improve safety in public transportation as well as regulating commercial transport and personal travel on public roadways. State transportation departments also oversee road, bridge, and highway construction, as well as managing all transportation-related infrastructure. They also report weather updates and traffic conditions.

Local transportation departments provide street maintenance, ice and snow removal, and issue transportation permits and licenses.

Commonly asked questions about the Department of Transportation

How can I check current traffic conditions in my area?

Most state transportation departments have online resources that provide information about real-time traffic conditions on local roads.

How can I pay a toll bill?

To pay a toll bill, you'll need to pay in person, usually with cash. Some state DOT offices offer alternative ways to pay tolld, such as by phone, by mail or online.

How can I get a public parking space permit from the Department of Transportation?

To get a public parking space permit, you must submit an application at your nearest DOT office, and pay a fee, if applicable.