California Daycare

Find California daycares, child care and children's day and preschools. Daycare facilities provide information on affordable, licensed infant and child care assistance, costs and prices, including 24 hour and weekend day care centers for montessori, private and public facilities.

What does a Daycare do?

A daycare service is a public or private facility providing safe and effective care for newborns, infants, and toddlers. Although a daycare facility can be public or private, many parents decide to bring their children to private child care facilities because they provide additional value. Daycare programs help children develop, learn and socialize in groups.

Commonly asked questions about Daycare

Do I need to get a license to become a babysitter?

Usually, no licensing is necessary for babysitters. But, babysitters who provide group daycare and advertise specific skills, programs and certifications may require licenses.

How many children can stay in a home Daycare center?

Each state determines the criteria for home day care centers. The average maximum number is usually between six and eight children.

Can a Daycare facility provide services without a license?

As a general rule, a daycare business must have a license to provide child care services. In many states, unlicensed childcare is a serious offense. However, certain daycare activities can be conducted without a license. It is best to check specific state regulations.