Bigbee Valley Board Of Elections

Find Bigbee Valley Mississippi board of elections, elections departments, commissioners, and supervisors, board of registrars, and registrar of voters. Boards of elections provide information on voter registration, voting results, absentee voting, and primary elections.

Pickens County Board of Elections PO Box 173 Carrollton AL 35447 14.7 miles from Bigbee Valley 205-367-2071

Lamar County Board of Elections PO Box 338 Vernon AL 35592 37.8 miles from Bigbee Valley 205-695-6348

Greene County Board of Elections PO Box 224 Eutaw AL 35462 38.1 miles from Bigbee Valley 205-372-9669

Fayette County Board of Elections 103 1st Avenue Northwest Fayette AL 35555 42.4 miles from Bigbee Valley 205-932-5432

Tuscaloosa County Board of Elections 2501 7th Street Tuscaloosa AL 35401 45.2 miles from Bigbee Valley 205-464-8415

Sumter County Board of Elections PO Box 783 Livingston AL 35470 46.1 miles from Bigbee Valley 205-652-7902

What is a Board of Elections?

A board of elections is a government body tasked with overseeing elections at the local, county, state and federal levels. However, they're usually organized at the county level. They may also be responsible for school board elections. A board of elections works closely with the local board of registrars or county registrar of voters. These organizations work to ensure that elections are orderly and voting results are accurate.

The board of elections organizes and manages elections in local communities. They are charged with supervising elections at each voting precinct. Elections departments include commissioners and supervisors who keep the voting process fair and democratic. The board of elections provides voter registration so that eligible voters may vote. It's responsible for primary elections, regular elections, and absentee voting.