Find auditors. Auditors provide information on government auditing standards, internal audits, financials, budgets, debt, spending, accounting, operations, compliance and performance.

What is an Auditor?

An auditor provides information about government auditing standards, internal audits, financial projections, budgets, debts, spending, accounting, operations, compliance, and performance. He or she may work for a federal, state or local agency to help investigate government proceedings. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) employs numerous auditors to investigate medical spending, national security, veteran operations and education, among other issues. The auditor is also involved in elections, government transitions, legal issues, and energy policy. Whenever an agency has a question about ethics and regulations, they help find answers and weed out problems.

An auditor is usually a nonpartisan employee who works for a government agency. He or she serves as a watchdog over spending and operations. However, some work for agencies like the Internal Revenue Service to investigate American taxpayers. They ensure accountability for citizens by being objective, fact-based, fair and balanced. Government auditors are required to follow special rules and regulations to ensure they are reliable and ethical.

Auditors are responsible for

  1. Auditing government agencies, to ensure efficient spending of tax dollars.
  2. Investigating improper activities by government employees and elected officials.
  3. Reporting to taxpayers and the media about the quality and efficiency of government programs.
  4. Analyzing policies proposed to government agencies and elected officials.
  5. Making legal decisions about issues like bids, and reporting on violated rules.
  6. Investigating discrepancies with commercial and individual tax documents.

Are there different types of Auditors?

There are several different types of auditors. One of the most common types has a public accounting degree and certification so they can audit financial documents. This type might work for the Internal Revenue Service, to help locate discrepancies in tax records. Independent auditors are hired under government contracts to work on specific cases. Internal auditors look into employee performance and compliance inside of various agencies and committees. Government auditors will investigate agencies at all levels, and usually report to other agencies or even to Congress and the President.