Alaska Economic Development Agency

Find Alaska economic development agencies, departments and corporations. Economic development agencies provide information on resources for economic growth through the expansion of local businesses and by attracting new business and tourism.

What does an Economic Development Agency do?

An economic development agency is responsible for attracting new business investments, promoting the expansion of current industries and small businesses, as well as for enabling market growth by connecting commercial opportunities with a skilled workforce. Public economic development agencies receive support from similar private economic development organizations. Together they create new opportunities for growth in the communities they serve. Both types of economic development department work with state business associations, academia, and international trade partners to promote business.

Commonly asked questions about Economic Development Agencies

What type of licenses and permits do I need to have to start a business?

The kind of business licenses and permits you'll need depends on the type of business you intend to start. Contact your local economic development department to learn the exact requirements.

How can I find out which programs are available to help startups in my area?

Your local economic development agency can connect you with startup programs, and you can also visit state and federal development agencies for additional help.

Can I get a tax credit for my business

Tax credits depend on multiple factors. The key qualification for a business development tax credit is that your enterprise will grow locally, instead of hiring workers in distant locations.